Every interaction between humans should always be mutually voluntary. The initiation of coercion is never moral or acceptable.

This is the basic concept of voluntaryism, and it is the idea upon which our entire organization is based.

Voluntaryism, as incredibly simple and universal as it seems, is extraordinarily difficult for many people to fully embrace. The reason for this is what happens when a person begins to apply that philosophy to what they feel are the most fundamental portions of society.

When a person is faced with the idea that their most cherished roles in the community are actually violating a fundamental human value, they often reject the idea in order to protect their own personal sense of what is right in the world.

Because of this, each person — on their own — must come to terms with the fact that only mutually voluntary acts are truly moral. That any act taken against a peaceful person without their expressed, informed consent, is immoral. And that the path to a true, durable, and lasting peace among people can only be achieved voluntarily; never through institutions which are based upon force, coercion, violence, and domination.